Cell phone screen repair : iPhone 4

Cell phone screen repair :

iPhone 4 Screen Replacement Disassembly and Reassembly

Cell phone screen repair

Video tutorial to Cell phone screen repair and replacement

cell phone screen repair : advice and informations

cell phone screen repair : advice and informations

When a screen is broken on a mobile phone, the reflex is usually to sell off and buy a new device.

Depending on the phone it can sometimes be not be a very good deal considering the price of the phone, as in fact a screen Samsung phone does not cost that expensive .

You can buy a LCD Samsung phone for a fraction of the price it would cost to buy a new handset. The only catch is that you need to completely disassemble your cell phone to remove the broken screen and reinstall again.

Without being a super easy task , this is still within the reach of anyone a little bit resourceful , do not fear the worst , anyway you have nothing to lose.

cell phone screen repair
The procedure of cell phone screen repair

1- Remove the back cover of your phone , then remove the battery and the SIM card of their respective compartments.

2 – Remove the four Phillips screws from the battery compartment. Insert the blade of a knife in the space along the outer edge without sudden movements and separate the back of the phone and set it aside.

3 – Remove the two Phillips screws that secure the system board to the phone. then tilt the system board and disconnect the LCD ribbon cable from the system board . Separate the system board to the LCD screen and set it aside .

4 – Remove the plastic cover from the front of the LCD. Disconnect the ribbon circuit board on the front panel of the LCD cable. Remove the LCD screen lid and put it aside.

cell phone screen repair : best ways

They are beautiful , the screens of our mobile phones and tablets . But fragile . Who to contact for cell phone screen repair ?

Large purchase signs, such as Darty , Fnac or the Apple online store does not offer cell phone screen repair service for smartphones and tablets , but a standard exchange of the device. Much more ! Unless you have taken the precaution to take a glass breakage insurance when buying .

cell phone screen repair

Several websites have rushed into the niche. We selected four companies offering repair products Apple or Samsung brand.

The cheapest

The ephoneaccess.com site offers unbeatable prices compared to others. Count € 49 to replace the glass of the iPhone 3GS , 89 € for the glass and the cell phone screen of the iPhone 4G , 239 € for the repair of the glass and the screen of the iPad 2.

Samsung , the replacement of the glass and the screen of the tablet Galaxy S3 is proposed to 269 € .

Apple specialist

The bricomac.com website is only interested in the repair of products Apple brand : iPhone, iPad, iPod … It takes a hundred euros to change the window and the screen iPhone 4G, but € 350 to replace the glass and the screen of the iPad 2. Unlike other sites, bricomac.com offers a one year warranty repair (three months for others) .

The multi-brand

Athales.com extends repair broken to other brands Apple and Samsung screens. Holders Blackberry , Motorola , Dell, Archos , Sony, LG phones … will be interested . Monsav.com The site also takes into account the brand Archos tablets .

other cell phone screen repair :

These sites offer other types of services, including repair of the back cover , battery replacement or deoxidation of a fallen water device (starting between 80 and 100 € for a phone ) .

If you choose this option , it will send the device damaged by post ( Colissimo and at your expense ) . It will be returned to the home after repair. All of these sites promise upon receipt and payment , repair and forwarding within 24 hours.

Best Tips for Cell phone screen repair

Tips for Cell phone screen repair :

One of the main shortcomings of current phones is the lack of impact resistance. It is thus easy to break the screen, or rather his window , dropping it stalls . Cell phone screen repair is often very expensive, the guarantee does not take care of. Will encourage them to change devices . Here is a solution to get by without delving into the downward spiral of the consumer society and the law suffer the annual renewal of electronics.

The first thing to do to avoid this kind of case is to keep your smartphone warm in a catch of adequate protection . It is true that the design has changed radically , but it can be worth it . Little personal tip: also remember to put your phone in your pocket so that the glass is against your thigh and shell outward. This will prevent breakage during a collision with a supermarket trolley , for example.

cell phone screen repair

If the glass is still not resisted , I advise small handymen to repair themselves. Parts are easily found after a search on the internet and tutorials dismantling bloom on different video sharing services . Just bring a screwdriver and do not be afraid to damage the device ( which is hard on the inside) . You should know that the warranty is broken.

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cell phone screen repair : different methods

searching cell phone screen repair ?

We are more likely searching to cell phone screen repair because we have a smartphone or a tablet, or both, in order to stay connected at all times during our travels. These devices that we win, now permanently with us even more vulnerable to drops and shocks. There are certainly some protections to limit the damage, but no one is immune to accidents. Who can I contact to fix our phone or our tablet when the screen is broken ?

cell phone screen repair

The breaking of the glass that protects the touch cell phone screen and the latter , in case of more severe impact, are , in fact , the two most common causes of failure. For each model, replacement kits are sold a few dollars on the internet, but most users are not able to perform this cell phone screen repair . In addition , all manufacturers do not load the restoration of broken equipment – anyway , breakage is never covered by the warranty. Some offer a standard exchange , which is much more expensive to the consumer. Also companies that provide this service are they appeared. For our investigation, we focused on providers who repair smartphones and tablets Apple and Samsung , the main actors . However, some also accept other devices: for example, takes monsav.com tablets Archos ; athales.com , those of Blackberry , Motorola, Dell and Archos ;  , smartphones from Nokia and Blackberry ; athales.com those different brands.

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